Electronics Development

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Besides our own electronic products the electronic development unitof our enterprise has a long history of collaboration with individuals and industry to develop tailor made solutions of components and electronic based products.

The advantages for our customers results on account of the overlappings of our soft- and hardware development divisions e.g. by the use of embedded systems, whereby a lot of synergetic effects arise.

The close contact to our software developing team avoids undue misunderstandings and queries. This way the development process is accelerated in many ways.

The fields of activities of our electronics and software development units cover a broad spectrum. Therefore they feel at home in many many sectors and are able to handle different requirements and assignments. The implementation of the project depends on customer preferences and project demands.

Due to the close cooperation with trustworthy local pcb-manufacturers and assemblers we are able to guarantee the prevention of undesired proliferation.

Our Fields of Activity

Developing of:

  • A/D-Converter - to convert the from sensors given signals in a digital data stream for a field bus system.

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  • D/A-Converter - to convert digital data in analog signals to drive actuators.

  • Front to End Technology - complete solutions from sensors to actuators.

  • Motor Speed Controllers - regardless whether servomotor or 3-phase high power drive motor.

  • DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC or AC/AC-Converter - for customized voltages and power.

  • Charger - for all kinds of accumulators. From small accus for all day purpose up to heavy duty accumulators for power tools and vehicles.

  • LED-Lights - High power LED lighting systems for position lights, warning lights, spot and headlights for industry, farming, forestry, light sport aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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  • Measurement Technology - tailor made developing of measuring instruments, probes and test equipment, their installation and if necessary their remote monitoring.

  • Softwaredeveloping - to customer requirements for different projects and microprocessors as Motorola, Hitachi, Atmel, Microchip, Intel etc. as well as embedded programming in Assembler and C.

  • MTBF Analyses - Mean Time Between Failures for modules and control devices.

  • Prototype Control Devices - for automotive industry and plants.

  • Autonomous Mobile Working Machines - for logistics, farming and forestry