Extract of our reference list

FELLECS-TECH Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H

Remote Controlling of an on the Island of Heligoland positioned ICOM VHF-Marine Transceiver

Remote controlling from the city of Bremen with Commandmic(TM) HM-195B of an on the island of Heligoland positioned ICOM VHF-Marine transceiver IC-M400BB for communication with seagoing vessels.

Realised with RRC101-IP-Marine.

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Detaching / Remote Controlling of TETRAPOL-Radio Sets on the Area of the Airport Berlin-Brandenburg


  • 50 * RRC101-IP (Remote Radio Control over IP)
  • 50 * RCTP (RS232 Converter for TETRAPOL)

Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG

Remote Controlling of the Transceiver of 8 Marshalling Yards from one Control Centre.

The control centre consists of 10 operators who are able to communicate independently with each marshalling yard.

Connection with existing voice recording via SIP-Stream channel-by-channel of the respective marshalling yard


  • 01 * RRC101-IP Server
  • 10 * RDU104
  • 40 * RRC101-IP Client
  • 42 * POE-Supply

MIM Mikro-Mobilfunk GmbH

Control Center Refinery BP Lingen: Detaching / Remote Controlling of Several Transceiver and Integration of Dispatchers.

Control Center Refinery BP Lingen - Detaching / remote controlling of several transceiver and integration of dispatchers (RDU104) in the radio system.

Realisation of different requirements / authorisations within the radio system.


  • 13 * RRC101-IP Server
  • 23 * RDU104
  • 20 * RRC101-IP-19 Client
  • 07 * MCR-8