Thiesen GmbH – Pioneer of the Radio over Internet Protocol Technology (RoIP)

Since 2008 our company is developing, designing and manufacturing units for RoIP. Radio over Internet Protocol offers a cost-efficient way to connect disparate radio- and other communication-systems, regardless whether they are analog or digital or have different frequency bands. RoIP adds value to radio communication networks.

Do you have a problem with your communication-system or want to improve it?

  • Are you looking for alternative ways for remote-head operation of your transceiver with detatchable front panel?
  • You want to operate digital and analog radio systems simultaneously?
  • You want to monitor different frequency-bands simultaneously?
  • You want to expand your radio circuit?
  • You want to...?
  • You just want to link different call stations?

Just ask us! With our many years of experience we are the right partner, have the perfect fit for your organization and will find the right solution for you.

With the units of our RoIP-Product-Family you are able to connect (world-)wide separated radio transceiver and control rooms via IP-Network.

Thereby it doesn't matter which frequency-bands the radio operators use or whether they have analog and / or digital transceiver. You can determine who communicates with whom. With our dispatch console RDU104 you can adapt it at any time.

Furthermore you are able to signal operating states, switch devices on and off, do alertings, monitoring and evaluations.

Where are your activities?

Here some applications:

Public Administration, Public Safety, Police Dept., Fire and EMS, Ambulance

Transportation (Public and Goods), Logistics, Harbours, Shipping, Warehouses, Airports, Railways

Industry, Utilities, Construction, Military

Your communication could be like this: