Remote Radio Control over IP - Marine

The RoIP-Solution for Offshore and Marine - MADE IN GERMANY

Offshore-Communication with the RRC101-IP-M

The RRC101-IP-M has been developed specific for the challenging use in Offshore and Marine environment and already has an interface for ICOM Commandmics.
But it can be easily adapted to any other radio set. The saltwater protected aluminium enclosure fulfills the requirements of IP66 DIN EN 60529 and allowes the use on ships, boats, harbours and everywhere in wet environments.

RRC101-IP-Marine Image


The communication between two RRC101-IP-M is carried out via IP-Networks and is therefore easy to connect with existing networks or the internet. To transmit voice, data and signals, the specific developed Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) will be carried out. RoIP is an extension of the known Voice over IP (VoIP), in which additional data for link connection, PTT, Squelch and Channel are transferred.

Via the transparent Serial- and Parallel-Interface, additional data can be transferred.

Transmission Performance

For every use case different Codecs (G.711, Speex, Raw) and adapting samplingrates enable a appropriate transmission mode. Due to the optimized protocols, typical delays of 30-50 ms are achieved. 5-Tone, FMS and FSK-Telegramms are transparent transmitted.

Communicate from your office comfortable and cost-efficient with your Offshore Teams!

For that purpose use our ruggedly built wind-and-weatherproofed RRC101-IP-Marine device from the Thiesen RoIP-Product Family.

Possible applications

RRC-Marine Chart

Besides the use on ships, boats, harbours the following application is also possible:

On an island, a radio set is installed together with an RRC101-IP-M. The RRC101-IP-M is connected with the internet. Via the internet, the radio set on the island can be controlled from everywhere in the world – as long as the corresponding control panel of the radio set is connceted with its own RRC101-IP, or RDU101 with a connected RRC101-IP. Also possible is the operation of the radio set with the RDU104 – with its already included RRC101-IP.


Power Supply +9 - +16V DC, nominal 12V, max. 300 mA
Dimension / Weight 220 mm x 120 mm x 80 mm (L x W x H) / 1.600 gr
Oper.-Temp.-Range -20 - +60 C
ETH Network connection (CAT-cable (RJ45))
Power-Jack 12 V – Jack for external Power Supply (SNT18)
Protection Rating IP66
Colour black