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Linking of Bluetooth-Headsets?

With the Bluetooth-Station Orion up to 6 headsets can be linked!

You use Bluetooth headsets in your company and miss the opportunity of intercommunication of the headsets?

Thanks to the Bluetooth-Station this is a thing of the past.

Orion - Linking of up to 6 Bluetooth-Headsets

In the "Stand-Alone" version up to 6 Bluetooth-Headsets can be linked. Only the paired Bluetooth-Receiver have to be plugged in one of the six (Ch1 to Ch6) jacks.

Orion Image

The communication works at once!

A in the side panel integrated universal-jack enables the connection of two Orion Bluetooth-Stations. This way up to 12 headsets can intercommunicate. Alternatively a call station like the RDU101 or a radio can be plugged in.

The Station needs a power supply of 12 V DC. This can be provided by already existing power supplies or our optional SNT18.

Orion Example Image

Orion-Lan - Connection with other communication systems

Orion-Lan Image

The Lan-Version ot the Bluetooth-Station forms a bridge to other communication systems.

It is provided with a full equipped RRC101-IP of the Thiesen RoIP-Family and is able to transmit audio and data via IP-Networks. This allows the connection of up to 32 Orion-Lans and therefore up to 192 headsets.

With the connection to an IP-Network, more devices can be integrated such as some radio transceiver, no matter whether digital and / or analog. Even different frequency bands can be linked. Also some RDU101 or RDU104 may be included as call stations to form a op-center.

Applications with Orion-Lan

Orion-Lan Example Image

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