RDU104 - The Dispatch Console

RoIP Desktop User Terminal

The RDU104 Family - The Next Generation of Desktop Units!

The RDU104 is the next generation of dektop units and is meant to assist you at your dispatch desk. Once installed the RDU104 provides a wide range of features for communication whithout required special technical knowledge.

RDU104 Image

The desktop unit RDU104 has been developed to satisfy the requirements in order to operate radio sets via RoIP. Compared to analog desktop units, some extensive extensions of the function range have been made to exploit the opportunities RoIP offers.

Due its practice oriented design of durable stainless steel, the RDU104 fits easily on every tesk top.

The RDU104 grows with its requirements:

To begin with the remote controlling of one radio transceiver up to 32 radio transceiver and 6 detached call stations or transceiver via RoIP, the RDU104 offers a wide range of features

  • Integrated RRC101-IP (Server-Version: Connection of up to 12 --optional up to 32-- radio-sets)
  • Full duplex communication
  • Defined groups can be individual transmittet to or received
  • Display in which groups communication happens / happend
  • Selectiv call (5-tone) with listing of the last received calls
  • Connection to more analog stations with detailed settings
  • Configuration via webinterface
  • Menu structure dynamically adaptable
  • Protected administrator section (menu contents can be transferred into the administrator section)

Technical Datas

Supply Voltage +12 VDC, max. 1.5A DC, Power Consumption 18 W
Operating 109mm TFT-Touchscreen
Push Button
Casing robust and high quality stainless steel casing
and powder coated aluminium
Interfaces Connectors for external Headset, Handset and PTT-Switch
1 - 6 Audiointerfaces
(4-wire 300 Ω asymmetric). Option: 4-wire 600 Ω symmetric