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Our Standard-Products

All our standard products are MADE IN GERMANY and in stock. This way you can accomplish your project quick and cost-efficient.


RRC101IP Blackbox Image RRC101IP Image

The RRC101-IP (Remote Radio Control over IP) connects radio transceiver and detached control units via IP-Networks. Radio set on the hill/roof and control unit in the valley or basement? Replacement of expensive leased lines / realization of land lines?

Connection of analog and digital radio? Operation of several radio transceiver simultaneously?

Operators can access and share one or more radio transceiver? Just linked call stations / Intercoms? All in one unit? The RRC101-IP of the Thiesen-Product-Family offers a large scale of opportunities to connect one or more radio transceiver with one or more call stations.

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The RDU104 Family – The New Generation of Desk Top Units!

RDU104 Image Operation of up to 12 radio transceiver via Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP).

The desktop unit RDU104 has been developed to satisfy the requirements in order to operate radio sets via RoIP. Compared to analog desktop units, some extensive features of the function range have been made to exploit the oppurtunities RoIP offers.

Due its practice oriented design of durable stainless steel, the RDU104 fits easily on every desk top.

The RDU104 grows with its requirements.

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RDU101 Image

The dektop console RDU101 has been developed for the remote controlling of radio sets.
Together with the RRC101-IP it makes an ideal unit to operate a radio transceiver via RoIP. But it is also well suited to be connected directly with a radio set.

The RDU101 comes with a high quality goose neck microphone and integrated wind deflector, effectively ambient noise eliminating, combined with a integrated loudspeaker designed for voice fidelity. With the top side toggle switch the internal loudspeaker can be switched on and off. The two volume controls are for adjusting the volumes of the loudspeaker or a connected headset.

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